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A first-time freshman is defined as an entering student under 25 years of age who has never attended any college (or other postsecondary institution). This includes students enrolled in the fall term who attended college standing-college credits earned 高中毕业前. 如果你参加了双注册课程或其他课程 courses at other institutions, those transcripts should also be sent to the admissions office.



1. 报名费20元,恕不退还

不允许减免申请费. 申请费用可按下列方式缴交:

  • 只在网上提交申请
  • 寄汇票或支票
  • By credit card by calling the Cashiers Office (318) 274-2671 or (318) 274-2285

Please do not complete multiple applications for one semester or submit payment for 多于一个申请.

 2. 高中正式成绩单

3. 免疫证明/结核问卷

4. ACT或SAT考试成绩

Scores can be mailed to the Office of Admissions or faxed to 318-274-3292

GSU Test Codes: 

ACT: 1582 | SAT:6250


ACT: 20 Composite or
19 Math or
18 English
SAT: 1030 total score or
510 ERW(阅读) or
510 Math or

Accuplacer:  Writing – 250, Math - 250


  • Must meet core 4 curriculum (19 credits) : 4 English, 4 Math, 4 Social Studies, 4 Science, 2 Foreign languages (or 2 speech classes), one elective.
  • Minimum 2.0 unweighted GPA
  • 替代高中证书
    • HiSET: 在任何子测试中都是15 AND 4 .高考作文 OR
    • NRS: 在NRS认可的评估中达到6级


  • 必须满足19个核心学分中的17个
  • Minimum  2.0 unweighted GPA

*Additional Options due to Covid-19 Testing Site Cancellations:
College Level Math or English Dual Enrollment Courses (passing grade of C or better)
Introductory Algebra or Developmental Writing through Grambling Global Academy (passing 成绩为C或更高)
Please apply and turn in your transcripts and the test scores you have in a PDF file 给你的招生顾问.

Transfer Student

Transfer Students have attended a regionally, accredited institution since graduating from high school. 为了被录取为转学申请人,您必须:

  • 至少有18个大学水平的学时 (excluding developmental courses– you must have completed college-level English and 为满足通识教育要求而设计的数学课程)
  • 累积平均绩点至少达到2分.大学水平课程0分
  • Be in good standing and eligible to return to the last college or university of attendance


  • 申请费20元 
  • 免疫证明,以及
  • 官方文字记录来自 EACH regionally, accredited institution attended, regardless if credits appear on another transcript. An official transcript is defined as one mailed directly from one institution to another. It bears the institution's seal, signature of the registrar, the date of issuance, and is issued to 赌博平台 – Office of Admissions. (Note: A sealed transcript issued to the student is not official; it must be issued to us)

如果你的累积平均绩点至少为2分.在大学水平的工作上赚不到钱,赚得更少 than 18 semester hours of course work (excluding developmental courses), you must 符合新生入学标准. NOTE: You will be admitted as a transfer student, but will be evaluated using the 新生新标准.

所有转学课程都将出现在GSU成绩单上.  课程可以获得学分, taken at a regionally accredited institution, in which a grade of “C” or better was earned.  The 合适的部门主管 determines if an accepted courses will be 用于度数. 在一个机构内所修课程的等效性 Louisiana system is determined by the Board of Regents transfer articulation matrices, 和赌博平台.  所有其他课程的等效性由 合适的部门主管. 我们不接受非地区院校的学分 accredited.

NOTE: You can access the transfer articulation matrices that indicate the correlation 在路易斯安那州的公立大学开设课程 and universities by going to the Board of Regents website and viewing the 硕士课程衔接矩阵.


Degree-seeking applicants who are 25 years of age or older may be admitted without meeting the core requirements of a traditional new freshman, and may need no more 不止一个发展过程. 然而,对于安置在适当的英语和数学 courses, placement examinations will be administered and the results will be used 确定课程的入门水平.


国际事务中心(CIAP ) fosters global cooperation and articulation linkages that augment overall campus 国际化. Additionally, CIAP encompasses the Office of 国际学生 & Scholars Services which provides immigration counseling, coordinates the Homeland’s Security (SEVIS Database System) and complies with the code of federal regulations 因为它与F-1, J-1和M-1非移民签证有关. 它还提供了留存率 国际学生服务 & 支持国外教师交流和跨文化交流 advising. CIAP will also administer the ESL program which will provide an intensive ESL language training to meet the needs of our growing international student population.

留学办公室 & 国际学术项目将协调国际 academic programs, faculty exchanges, GSU faculty taught courses overseas, foreign language and international studies; international joint degree programs and short term and special summer language and academic programs both overseas and in the USA 与教务长办公室合作.

The Office of International Graduate and Undergraduate Admission will coordinate foreign credit evaluation, the entire international application process, bi-national degree programs.

CIAP serves as liaison and ombudsman between the university and international students, global partners, federal government, public and private agencies, and the community.


International students who apply early may qualify for a partial scholarship grant 持续时间长达四年. 最早的申请者将优先考虑,因为 入学席位和助学金的数量是有限的. 视资金情况而定. 某些条件和限制适用.


Please contact:

国际事务中心 & Programs (CIAP)


Reamitted Student

Any student not attending Grambling State for one regular semester, excluding summers, 必须申请再入学吗.  复读申请表及其他所需材料 must be submitted to the Office of Admissions at least thirty (30) days prior to registration.  Former students who have attended other regionally accredited institutions during their absence from the University must submit official transcripts from each college attended. 考虑重新入学所需的项目如下:

  • 网上入学申请
  • $20.00申请费
  • Official transcript from accredited college(s) attended while absent from Grambling State University
  • 免疫接种证明

Note: You must provide proof of immunization even though you attended 赌博平台 previously. 请与 福斯特-约翰逊健康中心 如果你有问题.


(318) 274-6183 


Campus tours for prospective students, their families, and groups are offered throughout the year. 所有旅行团都需要预订. 校园旅游是由极端 knowledgeable volunteer student tour guides who follow a carefully choreographed route designed to highlight key areas of the campus and provide historical information on 校园建筑及设施. 您将有机会参观的重点地区 the campus that include residence halls, Assembly Center, University bookstore, Tiger Express, Eddie G. 罗宾逊博物馆,以及该机构的其他景点.


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